FAFSA 2024更新

由于FAFSA程序在全国范围内的延迟, all new and returning students will receive their financial aid awards later than usual this year. FAFSA 2024常见问题

Loyola has extended the enrollment deposit deadline for incoming first-year students to June 1, 2024. 阅读全文


Welcome 研究生 to 易胜博!

每年, 我们有/ 1,000 students enrolled in graduate programs on our campus, and we want to make your experience as engaging as possible. 这里是易胜博, we are inspired by our Jesuit values to strive to educate the whole student and to benefit the larger community. 正因为如此, we want to help you know what resources are available to you and get you involved on campus!

For information about graduate programs offered at Loyola, make sure to visit our 研究生课程网站.



Whether you are looking to get involved on campus or join a specific graduate organizations, 洛约拉有很多可以提供给我们的学生.

洛约拉大学为毕业生提供专门的组织, 比如芝西格玛约塔的Alpha Phi分会, 指定为我们的研究生辅导, 和欧米克隆Delta Kappa, 为青少年设立的国家荣誉协会, 老年人, 还有研究生. 

If you have any questions concerning student organizations, visit the Department of 学生生活与事工 at the Lower Level of the Danna Student Center!


研究生 students are encouraged to participate in all student organizations, 俱乐部, 以及校园内的活动.


Don’t see a student organization that interests you? 我们可以帮你建立自己的学生组织! 


We also offer student organizations geared just for law students!



Our 职业发展 Center offers many resources to help you prepare for your career, 包括支持简历, 求职信, 找工作, 面试, 和更多的. They also host on-campus recruiting events such as career fairs and employer informational sessions to help you find employment while in school or post-graduation. 检查 握手, our online job and internship board for Loyola students and alumni, to locate career opportunities and to learn more about career events. 



Loyola University's 学生会协会 (SGA) has many options to help you pay for professional development such as software, 测试, 会议, 或旅行. Students can apply for a 测试 or a software reimbursement up to $100 per semester. Students can also apply for the Richard Franck Research Grant up to $2000 per semester. This research grant helps aid students to further explore their area of studies. Students may also apply for a $500 grant, as individuals, to attend 会议.


除了提供资金, SGA serves to be the voice of students on campus while making their Loyola experience as engaging as possible. 每年, SGA will have two 研究生 Student Senator positions, make sure to check the SGA Instagram账号 for up to date information for these positions as they become available!


Ignatian Life 易胜博 (ILCs) are small groups (usually between 6 to 10 members) that meet regularly to pray, 反映, 讨论生活和信仰的问题. 以依纳爵精神为基础的, ILCs help members find God in all things and discover their calling in life. 我们有一个研究生小组. 联系 Hunt Darrouzet,以获取更多信息.



The 18th Annotation Retreat is an introductory experience to the Spiritual Exercises of St. 伊格内修斯洛约拉. The Spiritual Exercises are a collection of prayers and meditations that St. Ignatius created to help people deepen their relationship with God. While the Spiritual Exercises were originally offered as a 30 day silent retreat, St. Ignatius adapted them in what he called "The 18th Annotation" to provide a way for people to encounter these Spiritual Exercises in their daily lives, 而不做长达一个月的静修. The main component of this introductory 18th Annotation is daily, individual prayer with provided meditations from the Spiritual Exercises. The retreat also includes optional opportunities for group sharing and individual spiritual direction.



Interested in creating a day of 反映ion for the students in your graduate program? 联系 学生生活与事工 for assistance in designing a customized retreat for your group's needs by emailing getinvolved@miamibeachbakery.com.


查看我们的 校外住宿页面 新奥尔良附近的景点. 

For access to resources/tools for off-campus living such as, 预算, 探索公用事业成本, 飓风疏散程序, 更多的访问 在这里.


所有的学生, 教师, and staff receive a free membership to the Loyola University Sports Complex and a discounted membership rate for family members. 我们的体育中心举办体育赛事, 我们的许多俱乐部和校内运动, 还有健身课程. 欲了解更多信息,请 点击这里了解更多.


At Loyola University we strive to make education accessible to all students and are driven to help you be successful in and out of the classroom. Our 无障碍教育办公室 (OAE) works to ensure that students with disabilities have equal access to the Loyola campus at large, including the physical environment and university-sponsored programs, 服务及活动. 你可以浏览 无障碍教育办公室 网站查看常见问题, 提供的服务, and make an appointment online or over the phone at (504) 865-2990.


大学生活有很多选择, 挑战, 还有压力——有些令人兴奋, 一些压力. 我们为所有的学生提供免费的支持, confidential professional counseling services around issues of stress, 抑郁症, 焦虑, 学习动机, 的关系, 和更多的. We also provide counseling and education to prevent and cope with substance abuse and sexual assault. Call the UCC at (504) 865-3835 to schedule an appointment or request additional information. 参观 大学心理咨询中心 更多资讯网址.